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Hillary Clinton Hero

Decades Of Achievement and a Vision for the Future

From her time as a staff attorney at the Children's Defense Fund to her work as First Lady, a U.S. Senator, and as Secretary of State, Hillary has proven time and time again that she fights for women's rights, civil rights, LGBT rights, children's rights and more.

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Hillary’s platform looks to the future and champions priorities like access to reproductive health care, immigrant rights, civil rights, LGBT rights, equal access to education, and economic and environmental justice.

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Feminists in all spheres including advocates, elected officials, and celebrities have spoken out and endorsed Hillary's campaign for the presidency.

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“Throughout her life Hillary has been a strong leader, working for issues that make a difference in every family’s life, like education, health care and good paying jobs. I believe she is the best qualified candidate and the one that’s ready to put our country back on track.”

Dolores Huerta, Co-Founder, United Farm Workers; Feminist Majority Board Member

“Hillary has demonstrated her deep commitment to women’s rights and advancement. Through her actions and words, she has inspired women worldwide to take leadership, and countless nations of the world to prioritize women’s and girls’ advancement in the economy, education, and health care.”

Eleanor Smeal, president, Feminist Majority

“Hillary’s campaign for president represents an historic opportunity for LGBTQ women of all ages and from all backgrounds to come together to elect a president who we know will stand with us.”

Beth Shipp, LPAC Executive Director

“Hillary is just more experienced and braver than anyone else I know.  Only she looks at the status of women and females everywhere as part of foreign policy.”

Gloria Steinem, Feminist Activist, Author & Leader

“ … I could cite chapter and verse but I think when it comes to who you need in the White House, it is someone who is not only a good vote, and a good supporter, you need a fighter and you need someone who is going to go toe-to-toe with those who unfortunately are in office and who have shown that they are willing to take away women’s rights. That’s why we need Secretary Clinton in the White House.”

Cecile Richards, Planned Parenthood Action Fund

“Hillary Clinton’s vision for the future and her 2016 campaign have prioritized feminist issues like no other presidential campaign in history.”

Gaylynn Burroughs, Policy Director, Feminist Majority