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Campaign Catch-Up #15: Stories You Might Have Missed This Week

There’s a lot happening all the time in any election season. Get caught up on the campaign trail with our weekly round-ups! 

Updates from the Campaign Trail

+ It’s all happening!

+ Donald Trump shook things up in his campaign this week by bringing on three new staffers: noted anti-feminist Kellyanne Conway, alleged serial sexual harasser and Fox News chairman Roger Ailes, and fringe right-wing media fixture Stephen Bannon. How terrifying!

via UltraViolet
via UltraViolet

+ The worst part, though? None of those people are the real extremists in the room. Mike Pence is the real extremist in the room.

+ Meanwhile, Hillary is leading by 30 in New York, leads in key swing states, and just might be able to put Texas in play.

Another Feminist for Hillary

+ This 91-year-old designed a shirt about woman presidents that Walmart deemed too “offensive” to sell in 1995. Now, she’s watching Hillary stand on the cusp of making it the new norm.

+ Meet the women who won’t stop fighting until Hillary Clinton is president.

“We are the wind beneath her wings,” says Buell, a graduate of the very ’60s, very New Age Esalen Institute, in Big Sur, California. “We will do anything for her, and she knows it.”


+ For the first time in its history, Wired has endorsed a candidate for president. That candidate is Hillary Clinton:

WIRED has never been neutral. But now we’re declaring our alignment—one shared by an overwhelming number of tech leaders. The newsroom will continue to do critical, fair journalism about both candidates and the world around us. We’ll keep fighting for the future instead of for the past. And part of that fight is endorsing Hillary Clinton for president.

When She Wins, We Win

+ Donald Trump just doesn’t get it when it comes to gun violence:

There’s a thing you don’t understand about gunshots until two detectives show up to drop off your mom’s clothes after her murder. Bullets the size of a pencil eraser hit hard. They can break apart, causing baseball-size holes in a shirt that used to smell like your mom. I doubt Trump thinks about that when he tosses off lines like the one he used this week — which he then says disingenuously was simply about getting out the vote.

Almost every day since my mom’s murder, I have been told that I am a bitch, a fraud, a crisis actor, and a liar. I have heard from Sandy Hook truthers who claim that 20 children and six educators didn’t die at Sandy Hook — that the darkest day of my life was staged to push for gun safety. They tweet at me consistently, and when I speak out on common-sense gun measures, they tweet more.

In his bid to be the next president of the United States, Donald Trump validates the behavior of those who harass me. He tells them constantly that the Second Amendment is under attack (it’s not) and that any effort to be a little smarter about who should be allowed to own a gun is an attack on the Constitution. He makes people like me the enemy and sends the message that going after the enemy is not wrong.

+ Hillary Clinton’s message to undocumented young people: “This is your country, too.”


+ Calling all millennials! Here’s how Hillary’s policies help you.

+ The glass ceiling is bad for business. Too bad a bunch of dudes named Steve who talk to Donald Trump on the regular haven’t figured that out yet.

+ One has to wonder if Donald Trump is actively trying, at this point, to lose the women’s vote:

As GOP operatives wonder aloud whether presidential nominee Donald Trump might be losing this election on purpose, women’s rights groups are sure of one thing: He’s trying to turn off female voters.

Trump insulted women four times in four days earlier this month, and The New York Times reported on Tuesday that he is taking debate advice from Roger Ailes― the former Fox News chief who is being accused by at least 20 women of sexual harassment.

“Taking advice from Roger Ailes is more proof that Donald Trump is trying to lose the women’s vote by the largest margin in history,” said Dawn Laguens, executive vice president of the Planned Parenthood Action Fund. “The full picture is coming into view: Trump doesn’t want any women in his cabinet, he has almost no women advisers on his campaign, he’s not interested in the issues that affect women’s lives — AND he’s taking advice from the man Fox News forced out for chronic, egregious sexual harassment.”

The Rest

+ Hillary penned a piece for Teen Vogue on how America’s younger generation “embodies everything that is the most right in America.”


+ Putting Donald Trump’s remarks from last week that incited violence against Hillary in context, it makes a little more sense. Offline and online, women face the threat of violence every day:

Threats of violence toward women are commonplace on the internet for the same reason that they are increasingly common at Donald Trump’s rallies: They are effective at perpetuating violence against women as the norm.

Language matters. When that language is cruel, aggressive, or outright violent, it doesn’t exist in a vacuum, and it doesn’t come without consequences. There is a reason that it is culturally unacceptable to say certain words like “cunt” and other derogatory terms; they have a history of harm and oppression, and they are often directly tied to acts of violence. When someone tweets a woman “I hope your boyfriend beats you,” it isn’t just a trolling comment; it reflects the fact that in the United States, more women are killed by intimate partners than by any other perpetrator, that three or more women die every day from intimate partner violence. When Donald Trump not only refuses to decry calls of violence and hate speech at his rallies but in fact comes across as threatening his female opponent, it isn’t just an inflammatory gaffe; it reflects the fact that one in three women have experienced physical or sexual violence.

Threats of violence have no place in presidential campaigns, but they also have no place online, either. Until we commit ourselves to rooting out violent language against women and to making public spaces safer and more accommodating for women and all marginalized people, Trump’s comments are just par for the course.

+ Here are some badass photos of women voting. Happy anniversary, 19th Amendment! You’re great!

Photo by Gabriel Hackett /Getty Images
Photo by Gabriel Hackett /Getty Images

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