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Campaign Catch-Up #20: Stories You Might’ve Missed This Week

There’s a lot happening all the time in any election season. Get caught up on the campaign trail with our weekly round-ups! 

Updates from the Campaign Trail

+ The first-ever presidential debate in the 2016 election is happening next week, and groups like Feminist Majority and UltraViolet are fighting for it to center women.

+ In a speech last Friday, Hillary and centered Black women’s issues.

In a Friday speech before the Black Women’s Agenda Symposium in Washington, D.C., Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton thanked Black women for helping her win her party’s nomination.

Clinton also pointed to some of the policies she presumably saw as important to Black women, including expanded access to child care, universal pre-K, and “urban reinvestment and restructuring.”

She called for criminal justice reforms to create a system “that actually delivers justice, and a future where everyone has respect for the law and is respected by the law,” and to protect “civil rights and women’s rights, LGBT rights, worker’s rights and, of course, voting rights.”

+ Welp, George H.W. Bush is voting for Hillary.

+ Hillary Clinton picked up some big endorsements this week: the Cincinnati Enquirer and the L.A. Times:

American voters have a clear choice on Nov. 8. We can elect an experienced, thoughtful and deeply knowledgeable public servant or a thin-skinned demagogue who is unqualified and unsuited to be president.

Donald J. Trump, a billionaire businessman and television personality, is the latter. He has never held elected office and has shown himself temperamentally unfit to do so. He has run a divisive, belligerent, dishonest campaign, repeatedly aligning himself with racists, strongmen and thugs while maligning or dismissing large segments of the American public. Electing Trump could be catastrophic for the nation.

By contrast, Hillary Clinton is one of the best prepared candidates to seek the presidency in many years. As a first lady, a Democratic senator from New York and secretary of State in President Obama’s first term, she immersed herself in the details of government, which is why her positions on the issues today are infinitely better thought-out than those of her opponent.

+ Also, here’s an op-ed from the Washington Post about how a Trump presidency would be ethically compromising.

+ If you didn’t know Donald Trump was anti-LGBT yet, meet his newest advisor: Rick Santorum. If you didn’t know how dangerous his power would be, one of his potential SCOTUS nominees said the country took a wrong turn when women got the vote.

+ Oh, and he doubled down on his anti-choice rhetoric and policy promises this week!

Another Feminist for Hillary

+ Lizz Winstead is here to make you laugh and also not vote for Trump.

SI: How terrified are you of a Trump presidency?

LW: Probably as terrified as everybody.

+ Cecile Richards sees right through Trump’s vague rhetoric around women. She knows it’s dangerous.

Under a Trump administration, anti-women’s health policies would go national. And those who would suffer most are women with low incomes, women in underserved communities, and women of color, who face systemic barriers to access the care they need.

Even without decades of examples of Trump’s misogyny in his own words, his proposals on women’s health are enough to show he does not care about the well-being of women.

At a time when anti-women’s health politicians in states across the country are endangering women’s lives with harmful laws and policies, we need a champion in the White House. We need to elect the strongest, most qualified candidate in history. We need to elect Hillary Clinton

+ Andi Zeisler on “the bitch America needs.”

+ #ShesWithUs, a new campaign of EMILY’s List, spotlights millennial women who are supporting Hillary.

+ Sandy Aglin Phillips’ daughter died in a mass shooting. Here’s what she has to say to Donald Trump.

I was watching CNN on Friday when Donald Trump said that Hillary Clinton’s Secret Service detail should “drop all weapons” and “see what happens to her.” I felt such fear for Hillary Clinton. I also felt fear for our country, because what he was saying was, first of all, so misogynistic. It was also hateful and inciteful.

It emboldens this mentality of, If I’ve got a gun, I’m in charge. That’s not the message we should be sending to some of these people who are not well. They want someone to tell them, It’s okay to shoot somebody. If you don’t like them, you can shoot them. And that’s exactly what Trump is saying, I don’t like your politics, and I don’t like you as a person, so I can encourage other people to use violence to “take care of” you. It’s a bully mentality, and it’s a dangerous mentality. It’s like he’s put a hit out on her.

My message for Donald Trump is, first of all, to shut up. Quit using hate speech, and study the issues. We are the number-one developed country in the world when it comes to gun deaths. If it were happening anywhere else, we would say it was a civil war. Maybe that’s what Trump wants, I don’t know. I can’t get inside this guy’s head for the life of me. But what he is saying and doing is dangerous.

When She Wins, We Win

+ Donald Trump’s paid maternity leave plan might exclude single moms.

A document on the Trump campaign’s website states same-sex couples would receive the six weeks of paid leave under the policy only if their marriage is “recognized under state law,” language that could effectively bar any unmarried parent.

Ivanka Trump, the Republican presidential nominee’s elder daughter, noted the rule in an interview last week with Cosmopolitan magazine. She said fathers and parents who adopt would not be eligible for the six weeks of paid leave, and when pressed on why the plan leaves out dads, the 34-year-old mother of three replied, “It’s meant to benefit, whether it’s in same-sex marriages as well, to benefit the mother who has given birth to the child if they have legal married status under the tax code.” (Per last year’s Supreme Court ruling, all same-sex marriages are legally recognized.)

The campaign has credited Ivanka Trump with inspiring and co-designing the proposal — the first of its nature from a top Republican contender for the White House.

“The plan is discriminating against fathers, fathers and mothers who adopt, LGBT parents and apparently some set of unmarried parents,” said Carmel Martin, executive vice president for policy at the Center for American Progress, a liberal think tank.

+ This is the progressive case for Clinton.


+ 5 ways post-grad life would be better under Hillary.
+ Hillary on what she’s learned from millennials.

We hear a lot of things about the millennial generation. But too often, the people who are busy trying to define you are the ones who have spent the least time listening to you.

Here’s what I have learned: Your generation is the most open, diverse and entrepreneurial generation in our country’s history. And if we work together to take on the barriers that are holding you back and unleash your full potential, that won’t just improve your lives — it’ll make our entire country stronger.

From the first days of this campaign, you have shared the problems that keep you up at night and the hopes that get you up in the morning. You’ve reached for the opportunities that come with a college education at the highest rates of any generation in history — but faced ballooning tuition costs and crushing student debt like never before. Many of you entered the workforce during the worst recession since the Great Depression. And you’ve come of age during two deadly, costly wars in the Middle East.

And yet, despite all these challenges, you’ve never given up. Not even close.

+ Trump’s election would be an immediate threat to undocumented immigrants.

The Rest

+ Meet Hillary’s policy team.


+ A glimpse into the mind of young women voters, who could shape the election.

+ Sady Doyle on what we mean when we talk about “likeability.”

+ Tim Kaine and Hillary sat down this week to talk #SquadGoals. Weird though, because being friends with them are my only #SquadGoals. Also, Kaine said Hillary’s “the boss,” which I find amazing.


+ We’ve spent a lot of time this election asking the same question: “Is it sexist or not?” But that question — and that dichotomy — aren’t deep enough.

Closing Note

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