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Campaign Catch-Up #23: Stories You Might’ve Missed This Week

There’s a lot happening all the time in any election season. Get caught up on the campaign trail with our weekly round-ups! 

Updates from the Campaign Trail

+ The second presidential debate gave us all a terrifyingly more explicit glimpse into the sexism that defines Donald Trump. If anything, he did voters around the country a service by making it obvious just how sexist the GOP is; the other bright spot is that despite a performance a bunch of people think was unexpectedly okay on his behalf, Hillary obviously won the debate. There’s only so long Trump can lie his way out of having no policy plans or positions, y’know?

+ Hillary Clinton this week announced a proposed policy change — to double the child tax credit — that would lift “huge numbers” of America’s poorest families up.

+ Trump doesn’t believe he’s actually losing with women. To that I say: L M A O


+ Hillary’s endorsements this week include Foreign Policy (a first for the publication) and the Washington Post:

That presages what Americans might reasonably expect of a Clinton presidency: seriousness of purpose and relentless commitment, even in the face of great obstacles, to achievements in the public interest. We believe that Ms. Clinton will prove a worthy example to girls who celebrate the election of America’s first female president. We believe, too, that anyone who votes for her will be able to look back, four years from now, with pride in that decision.

+ This week in Disturbing Footage From His Past: Donald Trump in 2005 bragged to Howard Stern about purposely going backstage at the Miss America pageant in order to see contestants naked and told Nancy Collins in 1994 that men should be “rougher” on their wives and women should have dinner ready after men get back from work. Sounds like being married to him must feel really modern and be lots of fun! In other news, feminist groups and legendary lawyer Gloria Allred want MGM to #ReleaseTheTapes of cut footage from “The Apprentice” in order to give us an even better glimpse into the kinds of behavior former contestants claim went on backstage — offensive, lewd, and inappropriate behavior.


+ A USA Today investigation has also found widespread accusations of mistreating women across Trump’s projects resulting in 20 lawsuits.

+ We rallied women in Nevada and Arizona this week with press conferences featuring a diverse array of women leaders from across communities and passions — including women fighting for labor rights, the environment, and racial justice. Their message is clear: Donald Trump is a threat. Hillary Clinton is the clear choice. (And so are her colleagues down-ballot!)


Another Feminist for Hillary

+ Latina magazine made its first-ever endorsement this year to stand with Hillary:

In the 20-year history of Latina we have never endorsed a candidate, and in a normal election year we most likely would not. We know that just as we represent a spectrum of identities and cultures, we also represent a vast array of political views.

But this is no ordinary year.

After enduring a targeted onslaught on our community by Donald Trump for the past 16 months, the stakes for Latinas has never been greater.

Which is why we are joining forces with fellow leaders in media and business, artists, activists, and influencers, to stand together to officially endorse Hillary Clinton for president.

Pollsters have a term for the Latino community: they call us the sleeping giant. We’re uniting our collective platforms of more than 50 million strong to show them, and the world, that this giant is very much awake.

When Donald Trump launched his campaign on June 16, 2015, he vowed to build a wall to separate the United States and Mexico. And in his latest debate, he doubled down on that message by calling undocumented immigrants “murderers” he is going to “force” back to their native country. Minutes later, he added that he would make America great again for “the Latinos-Hispanics” whose lives are an unmitigated “disaster.”

Let us be clear: The true disaster for our community is Donald Trump.

Donald Trump’s insults, including calling a former Miss Universe, “Miss Housekeeping” and “Miss Piggy,” has already set off ripples of bigotry and violence: Hate crimes against Latinos have risen 69 percent in Los Angeles alone. Other states have reported attacks directly linked to Trump’s rhetoric.

This year, 27 million Latinos will be eligible to vote, and three million of them are eligible for the first time. The choice facing our community could not be clearer. A vote for Hillary Clinton is not only a rebuke against Donald Trump’s xenophobic attacks; it is a better choice on the vital issues that matter most to us.

+ “More than 80 multiracial women marched to Trump Tower Wednesday morning in New York City and called for a rejection of the Republican presidential nominee, citing decades of anti-woman, anti-immigrant, and anti-Black policies supported by the Republican Party.”


+ I wrote a thing for Argot Magazine about Hillary, feminism, sexism, and why I want this for her so bad:

I have long admired Hillary Clinton for her tenacity. Perhaps the reason I’ve wanted this for her for so long is because it’s evident how much she wants it. Not because she is an evil witch running wild with the fever of her own ambition. Not because she is a manipulative insider hellbent on ascertaining power. Hillary wants to be president because she believes in her work. Because she believes in her vision. Because she believes in herself.

I never want Hillary Clinton to smile graciously in the face of defeat again. I want her to rise. I want her to overcome. I want her to win, and I want her to rub it in our faces even though she never will. I want her to talk to God. I want her to cut the ribbon when they put her pantsuit up in that museum. I want her to prove my mother wrong.

I want that fire in my chest to burn even brighter. I want it this time to be lit not with the need to prove everyone wrong, but instead with the righteous indignation of all the women who finally have.

When She Wins, We Win

+ Hillary defeating Trump is thrilling, because it’s feminism in action:

The debate was a microcosm of this entire election season – the hyper-competent but slightly boring woman, the belligerent and combative man – and watching Clinton take Trump down was a captivating preview of just how gratifying Election Day might be.

Of course the first woman running for president of the United States is running against the mother of all sexists; what’s astonishing is that she’s winning. It was in hindsight obvious that the Republican Party’s conservative male base, realizing that Clinton was the likely Democratic nominee, would pick a notoriously misogynist dirtbag to be their party’s own candidate – many of these voters are men who like seeing more-accomplished women taken down a peg, and Trump gives voice to their worst impulses. So it’s particularly delightful to watch that kind of sexism work against him, his misogyny so crude that even members of his own party who aren’t exactly feminist firebrands are fleeing so they aren’t tainted by him. They’re smart to do so. Trump’s boasting about assaulting women (he would “grab them by the pussy,” he bragged to entertainment reporter Billy Bush in a 2005 conversation that was caught on tape) has even further alienated women, and many men: Nearly two-thirds of voters now say that Trump doesn’t respect women, up from just over half before the release of the tape. More than half of Americans say the video made them less likely to vote for Trump. Forty percent say he should withdraw from the race.

Misogyny like that is particularly notable because Trump’s opponent is female, but Trump’s style of aggressive, blustering masculinity also wouldn’t be such a cornerstone of his campaign if he were running against a man. Women recognize Trump in the classmate who always shouted over them, the boyfriend who bullied them, the coworker who coopted their ideas and got the credit – and the guy who made crude comments about their ass as they walked away. Clinton’s genius is that she has finally figured out how to make gender work for her by pointing out Trump’s sexism, confirming what so many American women feel instinctively.

The Rest


+ We’ve come real far since Hillary was filing Bill’s campaign papers. These photos show it.

Closing Note

Carmen Rios

Carmen is a writer, revolutionary, and social media guru living the dream in Los Angeles. She coordinates blog content for the She Wins campaign and is also the Digital Editor at Ms., Co-Founder and Managing Editor at Argot Magazine, Feminism Editor and Community Director at Autostraddle, and a Contributor at Everyday Feminism.